5 Easy Cocktails to Make at Home

5 Easy Cocktails to Make at Home


You don’t need to be a bartender to make delicious cocktails: here some quick and easy drinks to sip on in the sunshine.
Forget long queues at the bar, we've collated the best quarantinis, that are easy to make at home.

Choose your favourite and enjoy it!


Sangria is synonymous with joy - a fruity, fresh drink that tastes just like summer. Thank you Spain for gifted the world with it!

Ingredients (for 6):
1.5 bottles of young red wine
2 oranges
1 lemon
1 cinnamon stick
3 tablespoons sugar (optional)
1 green apple (optional)
2 peaches or apricots (optional)

If using the sugar, dissolve the sugar in two tablespoons of water over a low flame to create a clear simple syrup. Let cool.
Wash the oranges and cut off thick pieces of rind before juicing the oranges. Do the same with lemons. Add in chopped up chunks of green apple and peach.
In a large pitcher or bowl, stir together the wine, simple syrup, orange juice and lemon juice and add in the chunks of lemon and orange rind.
Add the cinnamon stick and let sit at least two hours before serving over ice.

Amaretto sour

A great sweet 'n' sour drink born mixing a few very simple ingredients.

200ml amaretto liquor 
3-4 lemons juiced (you will need 120ml)
1 egg white
a can of cherry syrup
Decoration: cherries (optional)

Put the amaretto, lemon juice, egg white and 4 tsp of cherry syrup into a blender (or a large cocktail shaker).
Whizz up the mixture a few times at a high speed until it is pale.
Stir in the ice until the outside of the jug feels cold.
Pour into glasses and garnish with cherries.

Bay Breeze

Bay Breeze is the perfect brunch cocktail - an easy and refreshing drink that brings the tropical taste of pineapple into the popular mix of vodka and cranberry.

2 ounces vodka
3 ounces cranberry juice
3​ ounces pineapple juice
Garnish: lime wedge

Pour the vodka into an ​ice-filled highball glass.
Top with equal amounts of cranberry and pineapple juices.
Garnish with a lime wedge.

Serve and enjoy!


Elderflower collins

With its floral taste, the Elderflower is the ultimate refreshing summer cocktail. 

50ml gin
20ml lemon
10ml sugar syrup
10ml elderflower cordial soda, for topping up

Shake the gin with the lemon, sugar and a dash of elderflower cordial.
Pour over rock ice and lengthen with the soda.
Decorate with a sprig of your favourite herb!

Non-Alcoholic Mojito

Looking for non-alcoholic drinks? This Mojito is just perfect and very easy to make - totally delicious! 

40 ml Soda Water
6 Mint leaves
2 Lime wedges
30 ml Apple juice
20 ml Lime juice
15 ml Elderflower cordial
1 Sprig mint
Crushed ice

Place 6 mint leaves in the bottom of a tall glass and press down with a muddler to extract the juices and flavour.
Add apple juice, lime juice and elderflower cordial to the glass.
Measure 30ml of apple juice, 20ml lime juice and 15ml elderflower cordial into the glass.
Fill the glass with crushed ice and stir the drink with a bar spoon.
Top up the drink with 40ml Schweppes Soda Water



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