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We're proud to be the exclusive distributor of some amazing International design brands, specialising in design-led gifts, home + interior accessories and contemporary furniture pieces.



AANDERSSON is a Philadelphia based design concept specifically focusing on experimental approaches to ceramic design.
The collections are defined by a novel combination of various premium ceramic materials and highly considered functional forms. all pieces are designed by Ian Anderson.
The name AANDERSSON is a visually motivated adaptation of the Scandinavian surnames Anderson and Andersson, playing on the redundancy of the S with an additional and meaningless redundancy of the A.
The name AANDERSSON is referential only in the sense that it is not a Scandinavian name, and utilizes the added letters purely to aid in its distinct visual symmetry. The name reflects the concept's design approach, where modification and juxtaposition of familiar and fundamental design elements attempt to form an entirely new functional and aesthetic language.

AANDERSSON Shapes Collection



Korridor Design

Korridor is a contemporary Danish design brand inspired by the world of art.

Established in 2013 by Danish architect Henrik Ilfeldt, Korridor aims to create a corridor between art and commercial interior design, creating contemporary home accessories and furniture pieces in collaboration with young artists and designers.

Famous for their coulourful wooden Pyramid storage boxes and concrete candle holders, Korridor continue to design striking yet simple home accessories, produced to the highest quality.

As Korridor's exclusive distributor in the UK & Ireland, we're able to offer their top quality products with our impeccable customer service and quick delivery. 




Puik Art Amsterdam

Puik Art collaborate with up-and-coming Dutch designers and bring their product ideas to life. 

Based in Amsterdam, Puik Art focus on developing unique designs with the highest quality manufacture using the very best materials.

With a range spanning home accessories through to furniture, they offer a truly original and contemporary collection of wonderful items that can be found in the best stores around the world.



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