The MOXON Code of conduct

MOXON is committed to sustainably and ethically sourcing the highest quality merchandise and developing partnerships with suppliers who share common principles of social and environmental accountability. We demand that our required standards are met by our suppliers and where necessary factory audits are carried out. We require the same principles to be adopted by all our manufacturing partners at all times.


At MOXON, we demand that all suppliers are ethically responsible, and work with third party inspection companies to help ensure suppliers manage and improve their ethical accountability.

MOXON requests that suppliers are inspected to ensure that labour standards, health and safety, business ethics and the environment are to a high standard.

Manufacturing Standards

At MOXON, we care about how our products are manufactured and the working conditions in which they are produced. We are committed to ensuring that our chosen suppliers provide a safe and hygienic working environment for all of their employees.

Wages and Hours

Our suppliers shall pay all workers at least the minimum legal wage governed in their local areas in a timely manner.

Whilst overtime is voluntary and may be necessary at times during peak time production, we request that our suppliers operate in a manner that limits overtime to a level that ensures a safe and productive working environment.

Factory Visits

We aim to visit our key suppliers as regularly as possible. Personally meeting with the owners and staff helps build a strong, mutually beneficial business relationship. This also enables us to witness and understand working conditions directly, rather than from a 3rd party audit report. Our visits also provide a valuable opportunity for our suppliers to showcase information about their manufacturing and product development capacity. This insight is invaluable, enabling us to improve and develop new product ideas, whilst maintaining the highest quality and efficiency - the benefits of which we pass on to our customers.

Environmental Standards

MOXON are environmentally conscious and are taking small steps to become greener whenever and wherever possible. We only work with suppliers who share our commitment to:

  • Use product materials that are sustainable sourced where possible.
  • Clearly label the materials we use for recycling purposes
  • Dispose of harmful waste materials safely and cleanly where their use cannot be avoided
  • Use renewable energy sources where possible.
  • Actively reduce waste production

Child Labour

MOXON do not tolerate child labour or forced labour of any kind. We demand that our suppliers only employ workers above the local legal age limit to produce our products.

MOXON encourage apprenticeship programmes for young people as long as they are not exploited or placed in a situation that would endanger their health and safety.

Product Testing

MOXON ensures that all new products placed on the market are safe and tested to the regulatory standards implemented by British Standards.

We are happy to investigate other testing methods or certificates on request from our international customers. All test certificates are available upon request.

Respect for Individuals

MOXON believes that individuals should be employed on the basis of their ability to do a good job – not on the basis of individual characteristics or beliefs.

We refuse to develop business with any supplier who discriminates either in hiring or in employment practices.

Animal Welfare

MOXON aims to source all our products with integrity and don’t believe it's ever acceptable to harm animals in the manufacturing or testing of products.

If animal derived materials are part of our product ranges, we will always demand that they are sourced from farms that consider the welfare of their animals, and that those animals are free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, disease, fear and distress.

Intellectual Property

Our suppliers respect and support the protection of the trade secrets, patents, trademarks and copyrighted works of MOXON and its customers. All of our suppliers have signed a confidentiality agreement which protects all information that is provided by us and our clients.

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