A Guide to Being Productive When You're Your Own Boss

Productivity Tips for People Working at Home

When you're working for yourself or you're running your own business, you are, quite literally, working like a boss. It's incredibly rewarding and provides you with a great sense of freedom.


However, some days, you may struggle for motivation - you spend all day procrastinating, you find yourself staring into space and you suddenly have a newfound fascination with cat videos on YouTube.


Sound familiar? 


Well, you're not alone. So, to help you make sure every day is a great one, we're sharing our own tried-and-tested productivity boosters: 


Make a To-Do List Every Day 

As tempting as it may be to dive straight into your inbox and be guided by the emails and tasks you've been set - resist. Instead, start creating a to-do list for every quarter of the year, before breaking this down into months, weeks and days so you can tick things off as and when you need to.

We find that, by spending 10 minutes each day planning your tasks for the following day, it makes you so much more productive. Set your goals and stick to them – avoiding any tasks that may distract you from your work (e.g. those cat videos).

Use Apps to Help You Collaborate

There is a whole host of apps out there that can help you increase your productivity levels. Providing easy inspiration and a simple way of communicating with co-workers, suppliers and customers, they help you prioritise your tasks and manage your workflow.

Some of the fab apps we use a MOXON London HQ are Trello, Google Docs and Google Hangouts. Simple but uber effective.

Create Your Own Creative Space

When you’re working from home it’s incredibly tempting to set up your office at the kitchen table (or even your bed when you’re hankering after a duvet day). However, as tempting as it may be to lounge around in your joggers all day, this is going to do nothing for your productivity levels. Plus, when you get to the end of the day you’re not disconnecting from work because you’re still in the same area and clothes you’ve been in all day.

Creating an inspirational space with cool office accessories and inspirational wall art will help boost your creativity no end (and it doesn't even matter if it’s just a small desk in the corner of your room). Then, once your day at work’s done you can switch off, put on those comfy joggers and chill out.

 Cool Office Interior Design Ideas

Take Time Out for Some Exercise

Urgh, yes, we went there. Even though exercise can often seem like a waste of time when you’ve got so much work to do, it’s well worth squeezing some time out of your day for it – trust us.

Whether you go running, attend a yoga class, have a walk around the block or go ten rounds in the boxing ring – whatever’s your jam, find it and stick to it. Your head will be so much clearer afterwards and you’ll be more than ready to smash your to-do list.

Learn from Your Mistakes

When you’re busy and life’s running at a million miles an hour, you’re probably not taking the time to learn from everything you’ve done. However, pondering over the mistakes you’ve made or the successes you’ve achieved allows you to focus your energy on the areas that need it most. Every successful entrepreneur makes mistakes, but the best ones grow from each slip-up they make.  

So, take some time out at the end of your day/week to reflect on what’s happened. How could you make things better? What are your strengths and/or weaknesses? Doing this will allow you to channel your positive attributes into other areas. And even though you’ll never be good at everything, there’s always room for improvement.

Put Together a Playlist

Music might seem like a luxury you can only indulge in when you’ve got your work done, but we find it gives us a boost when we need it most. When you’re battling through something heavy going make Ludovico Einaudi your best bud, or, at the start of the day, choose something energising that’ll kick start your work and give you some much-needed energy.

By implementing these simple techniques into your day, you’re bound to notice an improvement in your productivity.

Got some other methods that help you get the most out of your day? We’d love to hear about these below!

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