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MiGoals UK at MOXON London

As hunters of cool and original design, nothing excites us more than bringing you undiscovered products.
Ahead of the MiGoals launch this week we caught up with founder, Adam Jelic, to find out more about his mission to motivate thousands of people to go out and achieve their dreams.

Adam Jelic MiGoals Founder

For people who haven't yet encountered the genuinely life-changing MiGoals products, explain a little more about the brand and what you do.
The MiGoals ethos is based around creating beautiful stationery products that not only look and feel amazing, but more importantly empower and help people to achieve their goals and live more inspired lives.

Describe a typical day for you.
I usually like to get into the office nice and early and tackle my to-do list first thing. I tend to do the easy tasks first as I find it builds momentum and helps me get into the right mindset to tackle the bigger tasks later in the day. Throughout the day we have team meetings around the different projects we are working on. I try to fit in a workout straight after work and then head home to spend a few hours with the family. Once the kids are in bed I spend another hour or two going through emails and preparing for the next day.

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What inspires you?
The fact we have the opportunity to positively impact someones life and make a real change to this world. It's also inspiring to see our vision and ideas turn into a reality, in the beginning the idea was simply to create a product that would help me set and achieve my goals, I never imagined a few years later that hundreds of thousands of people around the world would be using our products to help them turn there dreams into reality.

What’s been the most rewarding part of running your business?
The most rewarding part has been seeing and hearing the positive impact our products have on people’s lives. Also it's always exciting and rewarding to be able to work on your dreams with an amazing and close knit team, as they say Teamwork makes the dream work and I couldn’t be happier with the team we have built and goals we have collectively achieved. 

What challenges do you face as a creative business?
A challenging part of running the business has been the actual day to day running of the business and developing clear systems to manage the growth. We are all quite creative in the team so we always put product development and marketing at the top of our to do list. Lately we have realised that we need to spend just as much time on the day-to- day business and managing things like cash flow and developing relationships and growth plans for the future.

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What is your product design process?

Collectively as a team we brainstorm and work out what colours are in and also look into what fonts, products and brands are popular and why. This initial process helps us setup the foundations of the new product, then we develop numerous mock-ups and pick the ones we want to proceed with and further explore. After this stage we pick the best ones from this process and then look to do the final designs based around all the teams feedback.

What are you working on next? Describe your new range and what inspired you.
We are working on the 2018 diaries, which are scheduled to release in September 2017. The new diary range is really going back to basics in regards to the design while the content inside is getting a slight refresh. What’s inspired us with the collection is we want the range to have a timeless design aesthetic and also more importantly have useful information inside. This year it’s really about selling both design and personal development features collectively.
Apart from expanding the stationery range we are also working on launching a children’s book series later in the year on Kickstarter. I have personally been inspired by my 2 young girls and wanted to create a series that would help teach and engrain the goal setting principles in young children aged 3-7 years old.

What is your favourite interiors brand/shop/blogger and why?
Being a Melbourne based business one of our favourite interior brands is Jardan ( It’s a beautiful Melbourne made interiors brand that sells minimal, well-made furniture and home wares pieces. Not only are we fans of the products they design and manufacture, we also love their branding and design aesthetics. Their physical stores have a beautiful VM and are really beautiful to wander through.

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