Material Focus: Concrete

by Steven Smith January 24, 2017

A decade ago, furnishing an interior with concrete would have been a crazy concept.
Typically viewed as a base material, the impression has always been that anything concrete is unfinished or undone, and that it’s drab, grey, heavy, and generally uninspiring.
But that has changed.

Contemporary trends in interior design in the last decade have put the spotlight on everyday materials, celebrating the ordinary, rather than the ornate – and concrete was one of the icons that emerged!

Today’s designers have re-inspired the ubiquitous material and made it a versatile and stylish addition to any home; showing that, if you know how to use it, concrete can go from drab and boring, to giving a utilitarian chic and sleek minimalism that works well for rustic homes and minimalist homes alike.

We’ve gathered some ingenious takes on concrete that will certainly make you rethink the material:


There’s no getting away from the fact that concrete is a hard and cold material, and that’s certainly why many think that it lacks warmth. The trick therefore is to maintain a balance. In this modernist bath, Vola tap fixtures are used to give a few sunny shots of orange.

Concrete Bathroom with Orange Vola Taps


Concrete’s pale hue makes it a perfect base colour. These planters from Australian designer Kristy Tull are great for displaying small succulents and cacti.

concrete planters


Lightweight versions of concrete have been created so that it can now be used for everyday materials without being cumbersome and heavy. Who would have thought that concrete can be a lovely addition to any table scape?

These candle holders make a perfect feature piece for any dining table. Conic’s take has a distinctive metal spring to release the candle, while Danish architect Henrik Ilfeldt’s design was inspired by the geometric form of cut diamonds.

concrete candle holder

concrete candle holder


The Concrete Hauteville Rocking Chair designed by Henri Lavallard Boget for Lyon Béton, draws inspiration from iconic mid-century design but with a surprising twist. Boget repurposed several raw materials (concrete, reinforcing bar and plywood) to create a contemporary chair.

concrete chair


Danish design brand Korridor have really flipped this industrial material on it's head by creating a concrete product that people cute. This set of five concrete animals includes a lion, giraffe, rhino, elephant and a moose.

Concrete Animals by Korridor Design


The grey colour of concrete makes it a superb material for lighting, as it gives an immediate contrast with the electric glow of a bulb. This design by British home brand Graham and Green takes it one notch further by pairing the boldly contrasting textures of concrete and brass.

concrete lamp


True to the utilitarian nature of concrete, this pen holder can hold a lot: pens, business cards, a mobile phone and sundries.

concrete pen holder


The contrast between the concrete and bright aqua colour makes this wall clock by Cafelab look so fresh!

concrete wall clock


Create your own words and phrases using these beautifully rustic hand-cast concrete letters and numbers by An Artful Life.

Each letter and number is individually cast, giving each piece a slight difference in their appearance and finish, adding charm and character. Perfect for adding a statement to any shelf or sideboard.

Concrete letters & numbers by MOXON


This folder-shaped slab is a magazine holder that you can set on the floor of your reading room or next to a place to set your reading material. Designed by French designer Bertrand Jayr and manufactured by Lyon Beton.

concrete magazine holder


Strong and sculptural, this concrete Lavazza machine is the work of Israeli designer Shmuel Linski. It all began when he decided to give his Lavazza coffee machine a facelift and cast its entire body in cement. Talk about cementing your love for coffee!

Lavazza Concrete Coffee Machine Design


We love it when materials are taken out of context. This iPhone case by Posh Craft gives a beautiful industrial aesthetic to an everyday item, with the imperfections in the concrete finish giving the case a unique personality.

Concrete Phone Case

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Steven Smith
Steven Smith


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