New Designers 2018 - Top Picks

New Designers Show 2018 at the Business Design Centre in London

As you know, we're all about discovering design... We're actually a little bit obsessed.

We travel all over the world to discover the latest trends, designers and forward thinkers. But without doubt, one of our favourite shows on our design calendar is right here in sunny (loving the heatwave) London.

New Designers showcases the best design graduates from all over the UK, and it's always full of fresh, inspiring ideas from the next generation.

Here are our top picks:

Bruce by Grace Charlotte
Memphis Inspired Rocking Lounger Chair

Memphis Inspired Rocking Lounger Chair

We were loving the memphis style of this rocking lounger.

Also, it's called Bruce. More things should be called Bruce. 


Terrazzo Tables by George Hopkins
Terrazzo Table Legs against a pink wall

Terrazzo Table Legs against a pink wall

We're big fans of Terrazzo, and this use in coffee table legs pulled us straight in. 

This Terrazzo Collection utilises Jesmonite, an eco-friendly water-based gypsum composite, which is incredibly strong whilst retaining its plaster-like aesthetic.


Conscious Aftercare by Jenny Kate Docherty
Frosted Screen Clothes Airer Design - MOXON

Frosted Screen Clothes Airer Design

This stylish drying rack has frosted panels on one side so clothes can be hung up to dry without creating an eyesore. Very clever.


Eris by Joe Wonham

Melting Dripping Foam Bar Stool Design

Melting Dripping Foam Bar Stool Design

Designer Bar Stool MOXON

Eris is a bar stool that explores how an object can cause an emotional response in the user. The project focused on contrasting strong, geometric features with an unpredictable, organic surface.

The frame is made from solid ash, while the seat is cast around it using expanding polyurethane foam.

Due to the randomness of the manufacturing process, the colour, texture and shape of the foam would be different for every product.


Audio X - Concrete Turntable by Ives Mathias Bryan
Concrete Turntable Vynil Record Player Design
Concrete Turntables Vynil Record Player

The Audio X is a high quality record player allowing users to get the best possible listening experience from their vinyl collections. Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio quality sound with High Resolution Audio. Audio X has a simplistic bespoke design which aims to reflect the longevity of the vinyl record with the use of materials, rather than it being another throwaway piece of technology.

But, we were just drawn in by the use of concrete. LOVE!


Artist's Clothes Airer by Sena Kim

Wall Art Folding Clothes Airer Design

Wall Art Folding Clothes Airer Design

Wall Art Folding Clothes Airer Design

This beautiful re-design of the humble clothes airer was one of our favourite items at this years show.

A stylish laundry rack that transforms into a piece of wall art when it's folded away.

The pattern has been designed so the user cannot overload or overlap clothes for optimum drying times, therefore the pattern is as functional as it is aesthetic. YES!


WasteFull by Nathan Hamblin
Recycled Plastic Waste Marbled Designer Lamps

540m tonnes of products and materials enter the UK economy each year, but only 117m tonnes of this gets recycled. 

Using materials deemed "surplus to requirements" by furniture makers, the WasteFULL range seeks to change people’s perceptions of waste.

Environmentally friendly bio-resin is used to cast discarded material into machinable blanks, before being handcrafted into a unique lighting range.


Honeycomb Table by Simran Kaur Gill
Honeycomb Wooden Side Table Design

Honeycomb Wooden Side Table Design

This interesting table design caught our eye.

With a panel of glass resting on the wooden honeycomb structure, this table adds colour and depth to any space.


M&A Collection by Simran Kaur Gill
Blue and Grey Steel Desk Tidies

The M&A Collection is a range of quality made stationary and personal item holders.

The combination of metal, natural hardwood and vibrant colours in a variety of unique designs provide a decorative and abstract range which can aid as simple solutions to desk organising.


Skyline by Parasko Kkolos

Paris Skyline Shape Blue Wire Coat Rack
New York, London and Paris Skyline Coat Rack

The aim of the project was to design objects inspired by urban environments and aesthetics.

After visiting New York City, Parasko found that the style of so many buildings and spaces were monotone and corporate. To then see such a large green space like central park juxtaposed against the building structures provided him with ideas about using industrial materials and bright colours that contrast.

He looked at small city living and how objects utilise wall space and/or being able to be moved around easily, resulting in 3 clothing racks each featuring top fashion capital landmarks as the centerpiece. 


Mi Plug by Will de Brett
Mi Plug the Magnetic Power Plug

Mi Plug the Magnetic Power Plug


Mi Plug is an exploration into redesigning the 3-pin plug, to better match the power and convenience needs of a standard 21st century home.

Magnets in the plugs allow easier use, catering to those who often have difficulty using plugs.

They're also stackable, waterproof and safe for children with little risk of electrocution, thanks to their full plastic enclosure. Genius!


Plank by Tom Postlethwaite
Flat Packed Fold Out Oak Shelf Design

Flat Packed Fold Out Oak Shelf Design

A clever take on flat packed furniture.

This solid oak shelving unit features an innovative integral hinge so it's packed flat but mounts to a wall in minutes with no assembly required - the shelves simply rotate out and lock into place.


Follo by Cameron Latter
Cookware Saucepans with Braille for Blind People

Cookware Saucepans with Braille for Blind People
Cookware Saucepans with Braille for Blind People


Follo is a set of three tactile centred pieces of cookware for the visually impaired, consisting of a sauce pan, stock pot and frying pan.

Tactile guides, high contrast materials and a thermally insulated lid allows those with a visual impairment to cook safely with renewed independence and confidence.

The tactile guides increase in density the closer they are to the handles, safely guiding the user to the handles and away from any heat, whilst the thermally insulated lid acts as a protective barrier between the user and the hot contents inside the cookware.

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