David Frostick | Lift Store

David Frostick | Lift Store


Along the picturesque coast of Suffolk is Lift Store. The seaside spot is completely uplifting (it’s name should be a bit of a giveaway) - from the wash of vibrant colour inside, to the weekly ‘Liftspiration’ quotes which are pinned to the window for passers by.

Right down to it’s very DNA, Lift Store is here to do good and be good. David has compassionately curated a space which helps the community around him. He runs the Lift it Forward campaign - a lovely promotional deal in which the team give every 200th customer £5 on the house, under one condition. They have to use this fiver to do something good for someone else.


There aren’t any other conditions to the deal. If it’s good, you can do it. ‘You can use the £5 however you want. Donate it to a charity you love, double it and sponsor someone doing something good, take a new friend out for coffee, buy 2 copies of the Big Issue, treat someone to a copy of your favourite book, support a local business,’ David shares.

David finds great joy in hearing how his fiver has been used for the community. ‘We give them a postcard to return to us, so they can let us know how they spent their fiver. I love getting these back and finding out how people spend their money,’ he adds.



Home is where the heart is for David, who creates the majority of his products (a range of stationery, homeware and lifestyle items) by hand in-store. ‘We design and make around 60% of our products, which includes bags and stationery. Everything else is carefully selected from incredible designers across the world.’

Speaking of his colourful surroundings, David hopes Lift will encourage customers to run away with their imaginations for a little while. ‘Stationery is a big part of our shop and my aim is always to source products which inspire and encourage creativity.’

‘I’m very influenced by colour and functionality. Everything in Lift must have a purpose as well as being well designed and long lasting,’ he explains. ‘Longevity and recyclability are key considerations when we choose or make products.’

Despite the wonderful feats of David’s independent business, he doesn’t pinpoint one single marker of success. Speaking of his ‘biggest milestone’, David shared: ‘I’m not sure if we’ve had it yet! I’m really proud to be here, doing my thing.’

However, you don’t come this far without picking up a few pearls of business wisdom. David’s biggest lesson? ‘Sleep on it. It's good to be reactive and go with your gut, but it's also useful to step away from an idea or design sometimes so you can look back at it more objectively.’


Visit Lift Store at: 59 High Street | Southwold |Suffolk | IP18 6DJ

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