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June 24, 2017

I took a trip to my old stomping ground, Central St Martins, to check out the next wave of creative talent emerging from one of the world's most famous art and design institutions.
Here's a small selection of the awesome, weird and wonderful projects that caught my eye from the Product Design, Fashion Design and Graphic Design graduates:

Central Saint Martins Degree Show 2017


Rosenthal Kintsugi Ceremony Kit by Alida Sophie Sielaff

Polterabend is a German wedding tradition of smashing dishes for good luck. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of joining broken ceramics with gold. Product Designer Alida has merged these two traditions and created a wonderful wedding gift - a kit for celebrating a marriage by breaking a plate, and putting it back together with gold ceramic adhesive to create a beautifully unique lasting memory.


Rosenthal Kintsugi Ceremony Kit by Alida Sophie Sielaff at MOXON 


Desk Organiser by Angela Li Xiao Gen

This beautifully finished modular desk organiser would look beautiful on any desk. With a combination of solid oak and white ceramic compartments in various standard sizes, this can be used to stylishly organise all your stationary, devices, papers, and even a plant.


 Wooden Desk Organiser Design - MOXON



Selfie Illustrations by Maria Isabelle Becker

In today's social media society, people are becoming increasingly obsessed with showing the world how amazing their lives are. These thought provoking illustrations by Maria Isabelle Becker show the real world around the snapshot of a staged selfie.


The real world behind a selfie by Maria Isabelle Becker - MOXON

The truth behind the selfie by Maria Isabelle Becker - MOXON

Selfie Illustrations by Maria Isabelle Becker - MOXON



Denim Series by Kusuma Arunanondchai

Product designer Kusuma Arunanondchai has designed Denim Series, a beautiful range of garment bags and hangers manufactured entirely from recycled waste collected from garment factories.


Denim Kusuma Arunanondchai - MOXON



Fashion Design by Xiaoming Shan

Loving this striking design fashion concept by designer Xiaoming Shan, where bold coloured shapes are used to create a colourful feast for the eyes.


Xiaoming Shan Fashion Design - MOXON


Xiaoming Shan Fashion Design - MOXON

Xiaoming Shan Fashion Design - MOXON



Self Portraits by Leejin Kim

These awesome illustrations by Leejin Kim made me smile


Headless Illustrations by Leejin Kim



Appalstered by Denny Priyatna

For me, the best creations are the ones you remember when you leave a show. 'Appalstered' by designer Denny Priyatna is a thought-provoking collection of upholstered furniture appearing to be contaminated or damaged, breaking with modernist design purity and aesthetics.

These chairs are designed to look diseased, which makes the user feel uncomfortable to touch them, despite them being soft and comfortable.


Diseased Furniture by Denny Priyatna


Denny's wounded bench may look like a simple, generic stool, however, when the user sits on it, cuts will open and reveal hidden materials that look like flesh, making the user feel uncomfortable.


Wounded injured stool design by Denny Priyatna.



Charging Point by Arjun Mittal

We're lost when our phone battery dies. This clever mobile charging point design for London Underground stations will put some emergency juice in your battery while you're waiting for your train.


London Underground Phone Charging Point - MOXON 


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