Inspiring Desk and Office Design Ideas to Help You Get Sh*t Done

inspiring home office ideas

Sometimes, you just need to get sh*t done. And no amount of procrastination is going to help you, regardless of how much you like sticking notes everywhere, colour coordinating your folders and writing to-do lists.
Instead, it all starts with the space you're working in.

Inspiring office and desk design ideas


Whether you're trying to bring your work desk to life or your home office is looking a bit neglected, we've brought you some awesome desk and office ideas that won't just add style to your workspace but bags of inspiration, too!

If you've got an office at home, you're one of the lucky ones, because this gives you free rein to do whatever the hell you like with this space. From using vibrant colours to adding thought-provoking pictures, the possibilities are endless.

However, if you are more restricted, i.e. you're working in a corporate office or your desk is your kitchen table, there are still some innovative ways you can pimp up your space. Below, we've included some of the hottest office design trends and latest must-have desk gadgets that'll transform your workspace into a place of wonder!

Desk Organisers are a must

Pencils, rubbers, markers, paperclips...the list of desk accessories you need can be endless, and messy. That's why one of the first things you need is a fab desk organiser.  
But don't just plump for a drab, bog-standard plastic one that you find in every office around the world. Instead, opt for something that adds a bit of personality, like the Danzo Landscape Desk Organiser. With its crisp white style and edgy design details, it's incredibly on-trend. 



Danzo Desk Organiser - Cool Desk Accessories

However, if you're incredibly limited with your desk space (or you're one of those people who constantly loses their pens under piles of paper), the Vitra Desk Organiser is a desk accessory with a difference. You hang this beauty on the wall...and voila! Not only do you have somewhere to store all your bits and bobs, but you've also created a great piece of wall art in the process!


Vitra Desk Organiser


When you want to add some vibrant touches to your workplace, a great way to do this is to opt for cubes of different colours. But these cubes also need to add some practicality to your desk, of course. 
That's why we love our wicked Pyramid Trinket Boxes, which come in a whole host of colours, shapes and sizes. Get creative and brave with how you mix and match these contemporary desk storage boxes, just like the fabulous Sarah Akwisombe did in her recent office makeover. 
Pyramid Desk Boxes - Sarah Akwisombe Office Design


Artistic Note Taking 

We might have slagged off to-do lists and making sticky notes before, but, let's face it, a little bit of procrastination never hurt anyone, did it? And when you're creating an office space that inspires your creative juices, note taking in its most artistic form is a huge must. 

Firstly, you'll need a pen, but this need not be that boring biro you've chewed the end off. Rather, this can add another truly distinguished element to your desk - in the form of a cactus. Yes, you heard us right - a pen in the shape of a cactus. #plantlife


Catcus Pen - Cool Office Pens


However, if you'd like to keep things a little more sophisticated (some of us do have to work in an office with other people) then Ystudio's collection of gorgeous stationery pens is perfect. Designed using on-trend materials such as copper and brass, these pens ooze elegance and panache. In fact, we think they'll be so popular in your office that you'll need to keep them under lock and key! 


Ystudio Stationery Pens


Finally, for the mother of all pinboards, you need look no further than our Roll + Pin Pinboard Kit, which removes any of the stigma associated with traditional pinboards, replacing them with artistic flair and limitless design possibilities. 


Pin + Roll Office Pinboard Kit


Now it's Time to Get Sh*t Done

Now your desk is kitted out with all of the necessary office accessories, it's time to get some of that all-important "work" done. 

To help you do this, here's something everyone at MOXON swears by - the MiGoals Notebook that, quite literally, helps you get sh*t done. Available in black, navy, grey, coral, mint and pink, these half notebooks, half to-do lists are what every procrastinator needs to lead a fulfilling and productive life!


MiGoals Notebooks - To-Do Lists and Project Journal


For more awesome design advice, just like this, don't forget to head over to our Pinterest page where you'll find all the latest must-haves for cool office design:





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