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At MOXON, we're always seeking out new waves of design trends before they break into the big wide world.

And so, with the streets of London full to the brim with design earlier last week, we headed to Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 to seek out what's what and who's who.


Studio Nuup are a three-part design studio based in London. However, despite their British base, Studio Nuup are inspired by their native countries - infusing their shared UK experience with Mexican and Austrian tradition, creating an interesting hybrid of design influence.

Studio Nuup showcased their Capti collection at Clerkenwell Design Week, a three-piece collection inspired by the botanical elements of seed capsules and flowers.

Studio Nuup at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

Studio Nuup at Clerkenwell Design Week



Agilita work with acoustic-altering design - curating a range of innovative office interiors. Attending Clerkenwell Design Week, Agilita showcased EarChair, designed by Studio Makkink and Bey.

EarChair is designed to suppress noise. The extended headrest mimics a set of enlarged ears, which reduces white noise when seated within. The extended ‘ears’ also provide a cocoon-like shelter, shielding peripheral vision and reducing office distractions.

Agilitia's EarChair showcased at Clerkenwell Design Week


BAUX are gaining momentum within the world of design with their revolutionary range of 100% biodegradable and fossil-based acoustic pulp panels.

The design team work with innovative new materials. Their Acoustic Pulp Panel is made from sustainably harvested Swedish pine trees, recycled water, non-GMO wheat bran, potato starch and citrus peels.

Also inspired by the scientific designs of the aerospace industry, BAUX mimic the hexagonal honeycomb structure originally invented by bees to create the internal composition of their panels.


BAUX Design Acoustic Pulp Panels showcased at Clerkenwell Design Week

BAUX Design Acoustic Pulp Panels showcased at Clerkenwell Design Week


STORE Projects 

STORE is a London-based association of designers who work directly with school students. The group run a schooling partnership, enrolling budding student designers to directly collaborate on their designs.

At Clerkenwell Design Week, STORE showcased a number of their student collaborations. Hooks and Hangers is a collection of coat hangers, created using an innovative production process called ‘Hot Wire Extension'. This manufacturing technique reuses the waste left over from SLS 3D printing, a waste nylon powder that is not currently recycled.

STORE also showcased their collection of 3D-printed ceramic vases. After the students designed the silhouette, the designs were then 3D-printed and transferred into ceramic using slip casting techniques at a local ceramics studio.


STORE Projects showcased at Clerkenwell Design Week


STORE Projects showcased at Clerkenwell Design Week


Woodmancote Retro

Woodmancote Retro work with old-school design and new-wave sustainable materials. In collaboration with Smile Plastics, they use a plastic composite material which has been handcrafted from 100% recycled cosmetic bottles.

The team work to ‘produce tubular steel furniture that is unique and rooted in mid-century design. Its simplicity stands out, while being versatile and durable enough for a range of interiors.’


Woodmancote Retro showcased at Clerkenwell Design Week

Woodmancote Retro showcased at Clerkenwell Design Week

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