Get to know the brand: CAPRA DESIGNS

Get to know the brand: CAPRA DESIGNS

Meet the Melbourne couple Bianca Lambert and Thomas Wilson, the people behind the unique Capra Designs - Australian brand of beautifully handmade pots and stands. 

They are passionate about products with great function and form that transcend trends - and strongly value thoughtful design, high quality workmanship, originality and a kind hearted work environment. 

We chat to Bianca about the brand's history, what constantly inspires her and Tom when designing and the core values that have defined Capra Designs so far.

How would you describe Capra Designs in 5 words?

Original, timeless, practical, vibrant, handmade.

What led you to creating your brand? / What’s the story behind Capra Designs?

Tom and I have always spent our spare time creating things together and making pots and plant stands was just one of those projects. I taught myself how to create moulds, mix pigments to create unique colours and pour resin to design patterns. In the meantime Tom was experimenting with his newest tool, his welder. This went on for over a year.
When our gorgeous boy Banjo arrived it was evident that we needed to lead by example by living our passion, which was creating gorgeous objects to bring joy to others.

Sustainability is at the heart of your brand, can you tell us a little bit about what you do to make sure you keep this at the core whilst also growing?  

First and foremost we create high quality products that withstand trends. We want our products to be pieces you treasure forever.
Then we look at minimising wastage, so we hand make our products in small batches. This allows us to ensure we don’t overproduce products and allows us to make improvements where needed.
Lastly we try to use eco-packing materials and look at ways to use materials in our products that are eco-friendly.

What’s your favourite Capra Designs product? 

The Banjo Pot is a long standing favourite of mine. It was the first time we experimented with making the water tray a strong part of the design and has been our design signature ever since. Plus it was named after my son :)

What inspired your brand’s style? What continues to inspire you when designing?

Mid century modernism has certainly played a strong role in influencing our designs. Architecture continues to inspire us. The lines and shapes used in architecture can translate very well into product design.

What do you enjoy doing in your down time / at the weekend?

We had a sea change a couple of years ago, moving from Melbourne to the coast. We love to head to the beach for a walk.

Name your top 3 favourite independents stores (can be anywhere in the world!)

There are soooo many but if I can only pick 3…
Old Faithful Shop
Nikau Store


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