Get to know the brand: PIKKII.

Get to know the brand: PIKKII.

Meet Steve, Creative Director of PIKKII. - UK brand that design the most fun and thoughtful gifts.

PIKKII strongly believe that "NORMAL IS SO BORING"  and so they create unique gifts and fun lifestyle items that make you smile and feel happy inside! 

We chat to Steve about the brand's history, what constantly inspires hime when designing and the core values that have defined PIKKII so far.

How would you describe PIKKII in 5 words?

Fun, thoughtful, sustainable, & anti-boring!

What led you to creating your brand? / What’s the story behind PIKKII?

Pikkii was born out of a desire to create fun and thoughtful gifts and lifestyle items that make people smile and feel happy inside.
The term “novelty gifts” is synonymous with cheap throwaway products. We wanted to change that, by showing that gifts can be fun and make you smile, but also sustainable and built to last.
Many of the products in our new and upcoming collections focus on taking personalisation to the next level, filling a big gap in the personalised gift category. Rather than going online to personalise a product, our clever designs allow you to create truly personalised gifts that will be loved and cherished, straight off the shelf, bringing personalised gifts into physical stores.

FUN is at the heart of your brand, can you tell us a little bit about what you do to make sure you keep this at the core whilst also growing?  

Our top criteria when creating a new design is; will this make people feel happy?

Whether it’s our huge Pug umbrella (with ears) which makes everyone you pass smile on those grey rainy days, to our Little Letter Shrink Keychain which melts the heart of anyone who receives it as a gift, all our products need bring that happy feeling.

What’s your favourite PIKKII product? 

101 Reasons Why: A personalised scroll box which can be totally personalised to bring a lifetime of smiles to anybody for any reason you choose. This is the sweetest gift that anyone can give, because it actually takes some thought and effort to create. It’s something you can keep on your desk at work, and whenever you need a smile, just turn the dials.

What inspired your brand’s style? What continues to inspire you when designing?

We look at what styles are trending and like to mix up our style to keep things fresh. It really does depend on the product.

What do you enjoy doing in your down time / at the weekend?

Playing and having adventures with my daughters. That keeps me young and energetic.

Name your top 3 favourite independents stores (can be anywhere in the world!)

WA Green in Shoreditch, London. So colourful and eclectic with the most passionate owner!
MoMA Design Store in NY.
Merci in Paris. Beautiful objects in an incredible setting.


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