Matthew Calvin Contemporary Jewellery Design In Cork and Glass Packaging by MOXON

Matthew Calvin is a London based jewellery designer, who creates contemporary and easy-to-wear pieces with an edge.

Driven by the ethos that great quality jewellery should be accessible to all, and yet still feel personal to wearer, Matthew’s collection is a design-led departure from the mass-produced pieces readily available on the high street.

Matthew’s designs are remarkably personal. Currently, his Core Collection is available in sixty different styles - twenty different designs, and all with the option of Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. 

Aesthetically, Matthew is influenced by the world around him. ‘I am inspired by architecture, the natural world and travel, three things I love. I often let designs or ideas come to me over a long period of time and then collate them into collections. It’s a really fun process and one I enjoy.’

Matthew Calvin Products

Speaking of the very early days, Matthew explains how he identified potential in the jewellery market for premium quality and pocket-friendly pieces. 

‘After working with other jewellery brands I noticed there was a gap in the market for jewellery that was design led and affordable,’ he explained. ‘I decided to launch a brand with simple, design focused pieces that are accessible to a wide range of customers.’

Matthew has been running his brand for five years now, with the help of his ‘husband, family and friends’ and a ‘great small team of four, all of whom bring something different to the table’.

However, at the very start, it was just Matthew, a home studio and a small selection of prototype samples...

Matthew Calvin Jewellery

‘Although my love for jewellery originally started as a hobby, I quickly realised that I wanted to make it a career option. I set up a studio in my home and began designing, making and sampling to create my first collections,’ he explained.

‘I just had to go for it. I’ve always known I couldn’t work a typical job,’ Matthew added. ‘Although sometimes I do find myself sitting behind my computer for hours, the flexibility that working for myself provides is amazing.’

Since then, Matthew has reached many milestones. His favourite? ‘I think the most exciting moment was spotting Matthew Calvin jewellery on a somebody in the street. That was a real recognition moment that my pieces aren’t just being worn by friends and family!’

However, among many other pretty big deals, other highlights include ‘receiving our first manufactured order and being stocked nationwide in John Lewis last year’.

Matthew Calvin Jewellery

Whilst Matthew will continue to expand his brand, one ethos that will always remain paramount is maintaining a sustainable production process.

‘We produce our jewellery in a family run factory in Thailand. It’s really important to me that the jewellery is made in a way that's fair and sustainable,’ Matthew added.

‘When we decided to make the move from making our pieces in-house to abroad I wanted to make sure I found a supplier that cared as much as I do. Our family run team in Chiang Mai are all treated fairly and with respect.’

Continuing, Matthew added: ‘We design and sample all pieces in our London studio and test run them to make sure they work. Once pieces are finalised they’re handed over to the team in Thailand who begin making in batches.’

Shop Matthew’s Core Collection now.

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