MiGoals new collection

MiGoals new collection

To celebrate the launch of the latest MiGoals collection we caught up with Adam (the founder) to find out what inspired the new designs and what's next.


1. Describe MiGoals in 3 words.

Inspiration. Motivation. Organisation.

A little fact most people don't know ‘Mi’ in MiGoals stands for Motivation/Inspiration

2. The new collection builds on the Gratitude journal and now includes the Sleep and Wellness Journal, what inspired you to design this range? 

Goal setting is a big part of the personal growth journey, but we know it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Healthy habits and a positive mindset are also really important for all of us to thrive and achieve awesome things in our lives. With this new range we wanted to create tools that helped people improve their health across all domains - mental, physical, spiritual, financial and sleep - so that we can support people to achieve their goals and be healthier and happier along the way.

3. All of your products are focused on making us better versions of ourselves. If we were take one feature / tip from your products to change our day, what would it be? 

The most powerful way to set yourself up well is to start each day by writing down a single, clear intention. Often we rush through the day bouncing from urgent task to urgent task, which leaves us feeling completely exhausted by the time we clock off. Setting a simple intention - whether it be a goal or even just a thought you’d like to carry with you - grounds you, brings you back to the present moment and can help you feel more positive and in control. Try it!

4. What's next for MiGoals?
We’re excited to continue expanding our product range to help people across all facets of their lives! We’re also looking at ways we can continue to build the MiGoals community through events, creating online spaces for likeminded goal-diggers to gather, and building online programs and services that offer more hands on support as they navigate their personal growth.
5. Which retailers do you want to see MiGoals stocked in within the next 12 months?  
I recently visited London with my family and they were really excited to go to Harrod's, it would be a dream to be stocked in such an iconic London Store.



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