Getting to know : Karst

Getting to know : Karst

Brand intro 

Describe Karst in 3 words:
Creative, optimistic, thoughtful
Rock beats paper.

Tell us more about the product range and what inspired it?
Our product range is inspired by our belief in shaping a better future. We offer stationery items designed to remove friction and create a seamless flow for creative minds. Our notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, and notepads are crafted to be convenient tools, always at hand, ensuring that ideas can be captured and refined without distractions. Our inspiration comes from the belief that the future is yet to be written, and we have the chance to shape it. 

What is it about stationery that excites you?
We saw the opportunity to change an industry that was previously low in innovation and unsustainable. Recognising the environmental impact of traditional paper production, our goal was to go back to the drawing board and rethink the basic principles. It’s not just the sustainability properties of Stone Paper that motivated us, it’s knowing that stationery is not just a collection of tools; it's a means to empower individuals. The act of putting pen to paper, capturing thoughts, and allowing ideas to flow naturally is what it’s all about.  What we do allows creative minds to bring their visions to life.

What's next for Karst?
It's an incredibly exciting time for Karst as we gear up to launch our re-brand. It all ties in with our upcoming product range expansion which is going to help us shift towards the personal desk space. As always, we are valuing function as well as form and keeping our commitment to materiality at the core of everything we do. We know this is essential to our customers and they are going to love the new products! The overall goal is to offer solutions that empower people to express their ideas seamlessly and contribute to a better tomorrow. We want to strengthen our position as pioneers of sustainable and inspiring tools and drive the stationery industry in a positive direction.

Which UK retailers do you want to see Karst stocked in within the next
12 months?
In the next 12 months, we aspire to see Karst stocked with retailers that share our vision for a better future. We’re seeking partnerships with forward-thinking stationery stores, Art Suppliers, lifestyle stores and museum gift shops too. These collaborations will help us reach a broader audience of like-minded individuals who value sustainability and the creative process. Our aim is to make Karst products the go-to for those who appreciate our mission and desire to shape tomorrow through their ideas.


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