Our newest Stockist: Fortnum & Mason Visual Merchandising Masterclass

Our newest Stockist: Fortnum & Mason Visual Merchandising Masterclass

You might not know this, but alongside the MOXON website we also distribute  our fantastic brands and help them get stocked in the world's best stores.

We just added a HUGE new store to the list of stockist, Fortnum & Mason.

They are now stocking a wide range of the Karst Stone Notebooks and they are selling fast!

We took a trip down there to see the range for ourselves and we were not disappointed, the Visual Merchandising in store looks incredible. 

After spending a while in store and observing how the customers interacted with the range it was really clear why the range is selling so fast.

Here are our 5 take-aways on how to smash Visual Merchandising to achieve fantastic sales:

1. Tell a story, Karst stone paper has a fantastic story behind it and F&M do a great job of effectively communicating that to the customer, there is a even a little 'about the brand' plaque on the table alongside the products, this really gets the customer to connect with and understand about the brand behind the products.

2. Merchandise the range together, some stores like to show a collection of different items by colour, size etc but that sometimes leads to customers seeing a product, thinking it is interesting but not quite right for them and moving on. Putting the brand's range all in one place allows the customer to look at all the options and choose what is best for them.

3. Mixing up different heights and colours. Whilst a lot of people choose to go with the flatlay style for stationery products, F&M have mixed it up and presented the pencils stood up with the casing around them. It draws the eye across the table and up into the middle. 

4. The final and (we think) the most important thing, SPACE. All too many times stores are too cramped with not enough space for customers to take in the products, resulting in sensory overload. In this display the products are given room to breath so its easy to take it and understand what each one is. 



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