What is Stone Paper?

What is Stone Paper?

At MOXON we love Karst and the stone paper they use for their journals and desk pads, but you might be thinking…

What is Stone Paper?

Stone paper is a hard wearing material made from calcium carbonate and polyethylene resin. Stone paper has a very smooth finish, as it is not fibrous, making it much more silky to touch than wood based papers. To produce stone paper, there is no need for timber, water or any harsh chemicals like bleach or optical brighteners used on the papers we use every day for letters, books and packaging. According to the WWF, the pulp and paper industry uses over 40% of all industrial wood traded globally. Not only is paper contributing to deforestation, but it also uses huge amounts of water and has a large output of carbon dioxide. 

Karst’s stone paper however, is made from waste stone from construction sites and industrial waste dumps. They collect discarded limestone  from wherever they can, wash it and grind it into a fine powder. 

The powder is mixed with a HDPE (high-density polyethylene) resin, which is compostable or photodegradable, meaning it decomposes over time from sunlight, leaving only calcium carbonate behind. After the two ingredients are mixed, the resulting paste is rolled out to the desired thickness, it can create thin writing paper or thick card. The carbon emission produced from this process is about 67% less than making paper from tree pulp. 

Aside from being more environmentally friendly then your usual paper, stone paper is also waterproof and difficult to tear. Drawing and writing on this paper can create an elevated experience for the writer, artist or notetaker. Pens guild over the paper; it is very satisfying to use. Notebooks made from this paper can withstand bad weather or even a bottle leaking in your bag. Karst’s notebooks and journals look beautiful and they will stay looking that way - even after being at the bottom of your bag. 

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