'Read a book' Day

'Read a book' Day

To celebrate Read a Book Day we wanted to share some of our favourite reads along with the best book shops to browse for new authors.

Kicking off the list with Fiction - list by Patsy 

"For me, the sign of a good book is something that stays with you for months, even years after you have read it. Something that gives you a different perspective on life or alters your behaviour in some way. Here's some recent favourites that have that affect."

Pachinko - Min Jin Lee 
The book I am currently reading, I really don't want it to end. Set in Korea and Japan and spanning multiple generations of one family, this is captivating due to it's strong female characters and the history that it covers. It is making me consider how much we sacrifice for our family, love and perception of others and how that makes or breaks us as individuals. I am hooked!

You be Mother - Meg Mason
This was the perfect antidote to a long dark winter as the majority of it is set in Sydney. It's the story of a young mother who moves to the other side of the world with her newborn baby. I still think about Phyllida's (one of the main characters) house and her family like they are real. I enjoyed the way it weaved in so many different mother-daughter dynamics. 

The Vanishing Half - Brit Bennett
The story of race and identity, how the two are related and can run in different directions. From the perspective of twins, set in America from the 1950's to 1990's. I recommended this to my father-in-law who also enjoyed it.

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt 
Appears on every 'to read before you die' list but for good reason, this book will suck you into a world that is dark and bleak and you can't help but continue to imagine it and go back to it and the character's lives.

Hamnet - Maggie O'Farrell
I read this when I was pregnant with my daughter which was quite bad timing as the story covers a lot about pregnancy and child mortality. Despite that, I enjoyed the story, the connection to Shakespeare and the way it makes his wife the main character instead of him. I found the discription of the plague really fascinating as I never really considered how similar to Covid it must have been, I read it in lockdown whilst isolating so I felt some parallels there.

Non-fiction, Self-Development and Wellness - List by Hannah 

Good Vibes, Good Life - Vex King

This book was one of the first I read in my self development journey, and Vex King knocks it out of the park. This book is a really easy read perfect to take with you on holiday. It explores the power of positive thinking and changing your mindset. Vex King does a great job of outlining how everyone of us can take control of our lives and future.

Healing is the New High - Vex King
Another great read by Vex King in which he describes how he developed powerful inner healing techniques to help him break free from his troubled past, heal his emotional pain and trauma, and create a new and empowering belief system. Learning how to apply these to my own life and become much more self aware has been enlightening.

Just Fucking Do It  - Noor Hibert 

If you’re a fan of a relatable author and humorous writing style, this one’s for you! Noor Hibbert mixes mindset work along with manifestation and personal development in this journey of self discovery.

The Mountain Is You - Brianna Wiest
If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, this book is incredibly eye opening! It focuses on the block between you and the life you want to live and really helps you realise that you must overcome life’s challenges in order to grow.


Where to shop for the best book's, independent stores only, obviously.

Upper Street Bookshop - amazing selection
London Review Bookshop - with a lovely secret garden cafe 
Review - Peckham 
Daunt Books - we know it's obvious but it is soooo good!
The Wellcome Collection Gift and Bookshop - covers loads of different non-fiction topics, a truly unique selection 
Unitom Manchester - for creatives, artists and design types

Where are we missing? We love good bookshop reccs!

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